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Agroforestry to combat land degradation in Karnataka
Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh
By SayTrees
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Who doesn’t like it when climate solutions directly restore and replenish nature and green cover?

This project, developed by SayTrees, restores degraded croplands in rural Karnataka. SayTrees exclusively works with small & marginal farmers with less than 2 ha. of land.

This solution not only increases agricultural productivity and farm income, and improves the overall well-being of the farm and farmers, but enhances the resilience of these farmers by getting them to adopt climate-smart agricultural practices. These lands are typically water-stressed and it is imperative that the farmers are better prepared for extreme variations in climatic conditions.

Impact on people, communities
and planet
Improved Soil Quality in Agricultural Lands
Enhanced Livelihoods of Vulnerable Communities
Increased farmer income
How this solution removes carbon
from the atmosphere!
01 Pre-Plantation
Site Identification and Farmer Enrollment Several parcels of degraded land are identified and the ones conducive for the project are shortlisted; additionally, farmers are made aware of the project features and benefits and enrolled
02 Plantation
Land Preparation and Planting The land is prepared for the project - including ploughing and improving soil nutrient quality, setting up drip-irrigation systems, fencing around the land etc; saplings are then planted in pits with commercially viable trees planted in the perimeter for easy harvest
03 Post-Plantation
Technical Support and Monitoring Our partner conducts periodic field visits to offer technical support on leading agroforestry practices, additional assistance on raw materials and farming inputs, as well as monitor the maintenance and management of the trees by the farmers
The amazing developers
behind this solution

SayTrees is a not-for-profit headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka with a grand vision to work with 10 million farmers and restore 10 million hectares of land by 2035.

They are experts at designing local, nature-based solutions to the global problem of Climate Change, and were voted one of the Top Innovators in the Trillion Trees: India Challenge.

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