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Making biodiverse forests financially viable for farmers
Ahmednagar, MH
By Farmers for Forests
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neutralises KG CO₂

What if farmers can get paid to take care of the trees that are planted in their lands? Farmers for Forests do exactly that.

Under their pioneering Payment-for-Ecosystem-Services model, agrarian and tribal communities are financially compensated for ecosystem conservation and restoration that their biodiverse forests provide.

These projects are led and managed by agrarian and indigenous communities with onground implementation support provided by F4F. Projects rope in existing government schemes, where possible, as well as philanthropic support. This additionally unlocks public funding through subsidies to offset some of the project costs.

Once the project is rolled out and the farmers are adequately supporting the trees planted in their lands, cash transfers are done directly into their accounts on a biannual basis.

Impact on people, communities
and planet
Prevention of forest fires
Increased carbon and biomass content in the soil, allowing it hold more water and support microbial biodiversity. Forests that are tended to have a significantly lower probability of catching fire.
Increased farmer income
5 to 7% increase in household income through cash transfers and harvesting of forest produce 72 days of rural employment directly generated in Year 1 as a result of the plantation activities
Afforestation and Reforestation
1961 tonnes of carbon sequestered over 20 years through 2000 trees planted and soil carbon sequestration 43 different species of ecologically appropriate trees, shrubs, creepers and grasses will be planted.
How this solution removes carbon
from the atmosphere!
01 Pre-Plantation
Site Identification and Farmer Enrollment Several parcels of degraded land are identified and the ones conducive for the project are shortlisted; additionally, farmers are made aware of the project features and benefits and enrolled
02 Plantation
Land Preparation and Planting The land is prepared for the project - including ploughing and improving soil nutrient quality, setting up drip-irrigation systems, fencing around the land etc; saplings are then planted in pits with commercially viable trees planted in the perimeter for easy harvest
03 Post-Plantation
Technical Support and Monitoring Our partner conducts periodic field visits to offer technical support on leading agroforestry practices, additional assistance on raw materials and farming inputs, as well as monitor the maintenance and management of the trees by the farmers
The amazing developers
behind this solution

Farmers for Forests is a not-for-profit headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, with an ambitious vision to sequester 25 million tonnes of CO2e per year by 2025. This is equivalent to what nearly 8 million Indians emit annually!

If you think about it, people engage in deforestation because there is money to be made.

Farmers for Forests reverses this by paying farmers to ensure there is no deforestation and biodiverse forests are grown on deforested or abandoned and degraded land. This model which provides farmers with stable, supplemental income to maintain forest lands, was voted as one of the Top Innovators in the Trillion Trees: India Challenge.

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